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Branding & Design

Pixel is passionate about producing design and brand messages that grab the viewers attention.

Advertising and Messaging Campaigns

Pixel Production has distinguished itself by creating some of the most innovative advertising and messaging campaigns for leading brands and humanitarian organization in Afghanistan.

Event Management

We offer our clients a full range of event management services. With a dedicated team of professionals.

Audio/Visual Production

We are dedicated to providing high production values and bringing creativity to every storyboard. This is what we do, and we are always striving to be even better.


Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.

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Take a closer look into our amazing team.

Fahim Amini



the president of Pixel Production is a proven visionary and strategic leader experienced in the strategic planning ....


Abed Khorami

Managing Director

Possessing a creative mindset that is mixed with a strong logical understanding of ideas. Creative and hands on....


Mohsen shams

Graphic Supervisor


Mohsen Shams is a graphic designer-supervisor, editor and animator in Pixel production. He is very good at combining...


Maija Liuhto

Media Consultant


Maija Liuhto is a journalist and a media consultant. She has written for major international publications ...


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